Which Poets were Contemporary to each other?

Publicado por Julian Yanover el 13 de August de 2018 a las 06:28 am

Like musicians, poets often move in similar circles. You may be aware of some of the famous connections between poets, like Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. However, there are plenty of other relationships and links that aren’t as well known. Not only this, but it is interesting to note poets that were producing their best […]


The Poetry World Cup

Publicado por Julian Yanover el 11 de June de 2018 a las 06:32 am

The World Cup kicks off this week, so we decided it would be fun to have a World Cup of our own: The Poetry World Cup. We thought it would be a good idea to show you some international poets you may not have heard of while also celebrating some of the world’s best poets. […]


51 Immigrant Poets – An interactive map on the ‘Muslim ban’

Publicado por Julian Yanover el 6 de February de 2017 a las 06:00 am

In light of recent events concerning Donald Trump’s refugee ban, which has, for the moment, been stopped in its tracks by US judge James Robart, we decided to delve a bit deeper into the lives of poets that have moved to the U.S. and who, if the ban was effective at the time, may never […]


Poetry in the 18th century [interactive timeline & timemap]

Publicado por Julian Yanover el 20 de October de 2016 a las 07:17 am

Whether we realise it or not, the things we have experienced in our lives shape our thoughts and our opinions. This is something that a lot of creative people use to their advantage in their works. Everyone from musicians to playwrights to, of course, poets, use their experiences and the things that they have been […]


The World Map of Nobel Prize in Literature

Publicado por Julian Yanover el 13 de October de 2016 a las 06:45 am

2020 UPDATE: The map has been updated to include the latest winners. History has been made today, as Bob Dylan has become the first songwriter to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. He is also the first American to win the award since 1993, when novelist Toni Morrison walked away with it. The permanent secretary […]