A Social Media-Fueled Bestseller List

Publicado por Danielle Mohlman el 10 de August de 2017 a las 03:42 am

Ask twenty friends who their favorite poet is and you’re certain to get twenty different answers. William Shakespeare, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, and Robert Frost roll off the tongue easily – the greats, the classics. But ask Amazon who their customers’ favorite poets are and you’ll get an entirely different set of answers. Today we’re […]


Poetry Essentials: 60 books that will make you fall in love with poetry all over again!

Publicado por Danielle Mohlman el 11 de July de 2017 a las 05:00 am

Some poems crave the outdoors – preferring to be read in the company of sunshine and picnic baskets. Others demand a cozy environment – bundled up in blankets as snow falls outside. Some poems keep us company through hard times, others give us respite when we feel overcrowded. Here at My Poetic Side, we believe […]


7 Picks for Indie Bookstore Day

Publicado por Danielle Mohlman el 25 de April de 2017 a las 04:00 am

On April 29th, nearly five hundred bookstores across the country will be participating in the nationwide party that is Independent Bookstore Day. It’s a day to celebrate brick and mortar bookstores and the communities they serve – to give toasts over cupcakes and overload friends with recommended reading. But it’s also a day to celebrate […]


Arts in the Parks

Publicado por Danielle Mohlman el 11 de April de 2017 a las 05:37 am

Earth Day may be coming up, but here at My Poetic Side we don’t need a holiday to celebrate the gorgeous natural landscapes that this country offers. The sun is out and vacation is on our minds, but there’s so much inspiration to be found – inspiration that we’re eager to channel into our own […]


“PrOtEsT” – Poet Activists Throughout the Years">“PrOtEsT” – Poet Activists Throughout the Years

Publicado por Danielle Mohlman el 9 de March de 2017 a las 03:22 pm

In the days since Trump”s inauguration, we’ve witnessed an increase in protesting and grass roots activism. And while it’s an immediate and important part of the democratic process, we’re also consciously looking to the activists who came before us. Here are seven of our favorite poet-activists and the causes that they hold dear. Whether you’re […]