9 Poets to Remember during Women’s History Month

Publicado por Danielle Mohlman el 7 de March de 2017 a las 07:08 am

It’s Women’s History Month and here at My Poetic Side we couldn’t be happier. To commemorate the month, we’re celebrating innovative poets of the past and radical poets of the present while maintaining that the future is indeed female. So, dive into the work of these activists, feminists, abolitionists, anarchists, and, above all, poets. Because […]


US Poets Laureate and the Presidents They Served Under

Publicado por Danielle Mohlman el 15 de February de 2017 a las 04:50 am

With Presidents’ Day coming up in the United States, we’re thinking a lot about Poets Laureate, the official poets of the nation. The Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, as they’re formally known, is appointed by the Librarian of Congress for a one year term, serving from October to May. It’s […]


New England Poets to Curl up With This Winter

Publicado por Danielle Mohlman el 9 de February de 2017 a las 09:00 am

We’re bundled up to our noses and snow is quietly falling. It’s officially winter. Here at My Poetic Side, we’re paying tribute to the picturesque winters of New England by reading tomes upon tomes of poetry by the writers who call the Northeast home. So light some candles, grab a blanket, and curl up with […]


Spotlight on Jewish American Poets

Publicado por Danielle Mohlman el 14 de December de 2016 a las 03:56 am

With Hanukkah just around the corner, we’re reflecting on the prolific Jewish poets who fortify the cannon. Because as we unpack the chanukiah and dreidel in anticipation of the Festival of Lights, we’re also extolling the voices of our Jewish contemporaries. In honor of the holiday, here are eight of our favorite Jewish American poets […]


11 Gifts for the Poet in Your Life [infographic]

Publicado por Danielle Mohlman el 5 de December de 2016 a las 04:06 am

What are you going to buy for the poet in your life this holiday season? It may be easy to grab a pack of your favorite pens and notebooks and call it a day, but what fun is that? Here at My Poetic Side, we’ve come up with a list of unexpected gifts at any […]