Robert Frost Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 24 de July de 2009 a las 10:26 am

During the mid-twentieth century, there was no poet more beloved in the United States than Robert Frost. Considered the unofficial poet laureate of the nation, Frost’s poems were more widely read than almost any other poet’s work, his poetry was part of every English course in America’s curriculum, and not surprisingly, his poetry was among […]


Ralph Waldo Emerson Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 15 de July de 2009 a las 02:39 pm

Poet, essayist, Transcendentalist and American literary giant, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poetry is still taught as assiduously in the 21st Century as it was during the 19th Century. Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in 1803 in Boston, Massachusetts. The son of a Unitarian minister who died when he was eight years of age, Ralph Waldo Emerson […]


Paul Laurence Dunbar Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 10 de July de 2009 a las 03:41 pm

Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poetry made him the first African-American poet to reach national prominence while also assuring him a place in American literature. Born in 1872 to former slaves, Paul Laurence Dunbar overcame a childhood marked by poverty and discrimination. Dunbar’s mother, Matilda, had no formal education but instilled an appreciation for education and literature, […]


John Donne Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 7 de July de 2009 a las 10:27 pm

John Donne’s poetry has transcended both time and language, speaking to readers across ages and continents, as fresh and meaningful today as it was when written. John Donne’s life was as interesting and controversial as his poetry. Born in London in 1572 to a well-to-do Catholic family at a time when Catholicism was unpopular in […]


Emily Dickinson Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 6 de July de 2009 a las 02:47 pm

Almost unknown as a poet in her own lifetime in the Victorian era, Emily Dickinson came to be known as one of the foremost of American poets after her work was rediscovered in the 20th century. Modern readers were able to appreciate what 19th century readers were not; Dickinson’s short, often untitled poems, with their […]