Emily Brontë Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 5 de June de 2009 a las 11:22 pm

Although she is better known for her novel Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë (1818-1848) also managed in her short lifetime to write many accomplished poems which display the same mystical ingenuity that her only published novel has become famous for. Born in Yorkshire, in the north of England, Emily Brontë was the daughter of a reverend […]


William Blake Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 4 de June de 2009 a las 12:45 pm

By turns whimsical and apocalyptic, brilliant and yet somehow simple, British poet William Blake (1757-1827) expanded the boundaries of poetry both with language and visuals to create a body of work that has become among the most beloved in the English language. Known more for his visual arts than his poetry in his lifetime, Blake’s […]


Elizabeth Bishop Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 1 de June de 2009 a las 01:39 pm

Esso cans. Cats named Minnow. Fish houses. All the detritus of everyday life, scenes and items and even people destined for obsolescence – these are are subjects that Elizabeth Bishop captured in her poetry, these things filled with the intent to be lost. Maybe Bishop herself was a little afraid of being lost. Born in […]


Charles Baudelaire Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 27 de May de 2009 a las 02:54 pm

As controversial and heralded today as he was in the 19th Century, poet Charles Baudelaire’s influence over poets, writers, and even musicians is a testament both to his talent and the cult of personality that has grown as much out of his lifestyle as is poetry. Charles Baudelaire was born in Paris in 1821. He […]


W.H. Auden Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 26 de May de 2009 a las 07:32 pm

Poet Wystan Hugh Auden, better known as W.H. Auden, imbued his poetry with a style and sensibility that elevated him to the status of one of the 20th century’s best-known and most-respected poets. Auden’s poems deal with universal themes such as love, political and social concerns, religion and personal morals, often set against the backdrop […]