Hristo Smirnenski Poems

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Bulgarian poet and writer, Hristo Smirnenski was born in the small town of Kukush in Macedonia, then a region of the Ottoman Empire before later becoming part of Greece. His poor upbringing in an area that was often prone to militancy led to the growth of his socialist ideals and would color his poetry through […]


Giovanni Pascoli Poems

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Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli was born at a commune in the province of Forli-Cesena in 1855. He was brought up in a large but wealthy family and his father helped to administer an estate of farm land for the Princes Torlonia. Tragedy struck while Pascoli was just twelve years old when his father was shot […]


Giorgos Seferis Poems

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Considered as one of the most influential poets to come out of Greece in the 20th Century, Giorgos Seferis was born in 1900 in Urla, a town near the ancient city of Smyrna. He came from an educated family and his father was a lawyer and poet with his own reputation, allied to the political […]


George Gascoigne Poems

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English poet George Gascoigne was born around 1535 in Bedfordshire. He part of the Elizabethan court for a while, thought largely unsuccessful, and was a soldier who fought in the Low Countries of Belgium and France including the Middleburg Siege of 1572. He was a poet of some repute and his works helped in the […]


George Barker Poems

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English poet George Barker was born in the Loughton, Essex, in 1913 and is considered one of the livelier characters of 20th century literature. T.S. Eliot said Barker was a genius and his life was often as turbulent and extravagant as his verse, fathering fifteen children over his life time by different partners. Although he […]