Playing with Clouds.

It could be a tiger moth,

It could be a Wellington

Hurricane or Spitire.

Seventy-six different ‘planes

SHE flew during the war,

This lady of the air.

Her life in the air was wonderful,

“In the air you are on your own

and when I was up there

I could play with the clouds”.


Now you are free to fly forever

As your Spirit will be above us,

Flying through the ether,

In joy and wonderment

And in absolute freedom.



Being an ATA pilot was fantastic,\" Mary Ellis recalled.

\"Up in the air on your own. And you can do whatever you like. I flew 400 Spitfires. And occasionally I would take one up and go and play with the clouds.

\"I would like to do it all over again. There was a war on but otherwise it was absolutely wonderful.\"