little dove


I am a flower on the floor trampled all over

as if being trampled all over isn\'t enough

Disrespect and judgement from souls for no reason

So much judgement as if mental illness wasn\'t hard enough

So much insensitivity when souls are traumatised

for why should I have to deal with judgement when my world is already broken

Why should others behaviour affect me I am still a person

A traumatised mentally ill individual who never chose this

Walking around in confusion and pain scars on my soul

If only people could see the way of there behaviours

The world needs kindness towards those who are suffering

Living next to people who judge me again for the second time

I am dismayed at why they do this for it is unkind

Discrimination against those with mental health is hurtful

Walking around with so much pain, you should not feel shame for this

I have felt like a broken little flower today who feels so much pain

Just for one day I wish there was people who would support me

Instead of the cold judgement , I am still a person just a hurting soul

And if only I was given a break and my dreams could come true

Instead again again I am pushed back into the nightmare

The nightmare not of my choosing,  I only wish dolphins could soothe me