Most Easily Done By A Baby...

(now for thumb sing completely different.
to offset global warming debacle.)

Tis routine sleep simply, aye
refer, and absolutely necessary

if ye decry

and/or beg to differ

with this “NON FAKE”

knows worthy guy!


though i sheepishly attest
NOT tubby a

medical practitioner expert,

this beastie boy

doth his body electric best

nonetheless, ah chest
wanna draw (figuratively)

to allude when

the wave of fatigue doth crest

with heaviness finds

these folding flaps

of skin depressed

no peak king

as temple mount

rolls from one to another side

before succumbing to everest,

how the never seen sandman

thankfully doth sally forth,

and ride as

welcome wagon guest

sprinkling tell tale granules

in corners of eyes

(near nose bridge)

no matter this


function recurs night,

and/or day find
ding unbounded energy

suddenly stunned

with an invisible

stun gun an instantaneous zap

with nary any strength

oddly, NOT to

even exercise yap

requiring strenuous effort
to stay awake nope,

not even saran wrap

pulled tight over

\'oculus uterque\' orbs

as if eyelids linkedin

to a spring loaded steel trap

impossible to force open

without experiencing

a sharp snap,
hence no recourse, but

relinquish fight


to stay a wake

surrendering control to automatic

slumbering inexplicable

rapid eye click
king movement flight inherent

defying convincing explanation,

sans how dreamscape flick

becomes manifest within


lickitysplit time frame,

quite an in trick
kit process, yet propensity

for average person to explain,

(yup even me) also baffling

any one named Ulrich.