Glass Heart

There\'s a glass heart on a shelf and it\'s full of sand
The top comes off and you can turn it upside-down
It gathers dust and it doesn\'t have any plans
It beat long ago but now it doesn\'t make a sound

There\'s a glass heart and it\'s always been tucked away
The top stays on and the shelf is kept so clean
It gathers dust but maybe someone someday
Will take it with them to somewhere it\'s never been

And that glass heart will shatter to a million shards
And the sand will spill and maybe a love will die
If it\'s ever thrown against the ground too hard
But maybe something else has been kept inside

But that glass heart is safe and it will never crack
It beat once or twice but that was so long ago
I love you so much and I want you to love me back
It would be so nice if you could let me know