To the End and Beyond.

The summit is there above me,

Not much further to go,

I know that this final climb

Will be easy,

The hard part has been done.

I look back and see,

See the high and lows of the path,

The path that I have trod.

Some of the way has been hard,

But each has been overcome.

Some have been easy,

And completed with joy.

Through the journey

Two things have always been with me,

The love in my heart for all

As I met them on the way,

But the most important

Was always with me,

My Spirit never left me,

Never failed me,

Never will fail me.

I look towards the summit

Knowing that there is not far to go,

But knowing that My Spirit

Will be with me to the end,

To the end and beyond,

As we go towards eternity.




I sat with this sheet before me,

Looked up at Calliope

And the words just flowed,

Flowed from where,

From where I do not know.