The Reason I’m Hanging On•

The day she heartlessly birthed MY Daughters I instantly realised they are the desired light in my darkness

No one earns the prestigious title \"Mother\" unless all crucial qualities are provided but this time it was reverse. 

I realised emotional well being matters as much as materialistic items the hard way

Through my unforgettable lessons I learnt how to be a Mother, Sister and Best Friend to them every tiresome day.

I was beautifully attached as soon as I witnessed them blissfully napping in the hospital

I was aware they required true love, protection, loyalty and this was essential.

Even now I get so excited to see them the moment I wake up and come home

I would never change the laughable and painful moments we’ve had which is why my heart felt content whilst writing this poem.

Nothing else feels right, I see no reason to be here and when I want to run away or give up I realise no one will do what I do for them

I also wouldn’t change the motherless stranger that birthed them because despite the difficulties being a Mother, Sister and Best Friend is one of the biggest honours.

They are the only ones who brings me tears of joy, sincere delight and a meaningful smile

The continuous struggle my \"family\" brought me made me stronger and they made everything worth while.