Love Song of a Lonely Heart

My heart is not for stirring dear

My heart is dead 

Not a single longing beat you\'ll hear

So I plead please carefully tread


I wonder of an ancient time 

With wildish willing easy open heart 

A place where love could bind

Of secret picnics and lovers\' start


I wonder of the darkened days

With empty soul, keen to please

A submissive role in reckless plays

We turned me into love\'s disease


And so was born sadness 

In place of love

Endless emptiness

In place of belief in love


I have been told too often

Love is not for me

I am too scarred too rotten

Soulful sacred love cannot reside in me


I locked my heavy beating heart in a cage

I threw away the key

The cell slowly quashed that pounding rage


Love is not for me!