Claudelle DeLuna

A Letter to Grandpa

 A Letter to Grandpa


If you were still alive,

Together we would travel back to Cuba,

At last Cuba is Free! El Fifo (Fidel Castro) died!

I wish you were here to enjoy it!

I bet you loved to walk el malecon ( the pier)!



If you were still alive,

You would show me your childhood house,

  From where you sadly departed hoping it was for the best,

You died in a foreign land, but heaven was always your home!


In Havana we would dance a Cuban Danzon(dance) at the old plaza,

We would eat at restaurant “Somos Cuba” (We are Cuba),

Black bean soup, ropa vieja, plantains and yucca!

You would sit and smoke a cigar while I drink café Cubano!


 Caridad La Santera (the healer) in the town of Matanzas,

Would give us an egg cleanse and a Spiritual bath,

To keep the energies flowing and life stresses at bay,

Grandpa I so wish you were here,

 I would get lost in the beauty of all your stories!

Love your grandchild!


Grandpa I know you visit once in a while I smell the scent of your cigar!