Disrespectfully nice

Tishia poem

The feeling is ecstatic it\'s erratic when you see me

Say you love me when you see me and you hate it when I\'m leaving

You want those kisses but I\'m teasing

I entered your life when you needed healing

I pay great attention to what you\'re thinking

Even though you think I don\'t

I know you better than you know yourself which is why I give you hope

You love my personality but even more you love my jokes

Every time you look into my eyes I can see the strong sense of trust

Every time I\'m in your stomach I like to see how hard you\'ll bust

It\'s amazing to see the look in you and sym\'s eyes everytime I come around

Keeping smiles on your faces trying to take away the frowns

So don\'t worry about anything cause I\'m with you

Even when you\'re feeling lonely

You can say you love me yes I feel it but you\'ve said it all from what you\'ve shown me