End the violence

See the little boy and little girl with no father

You see the mother struggling to be a single mother 

Seeing the parents crying and heart broken from burying their child 6 feet under

Young men tryna run from the weapons with no way to surrender 

Bullets flying and dodging with no names on it 

Funeral to funeral 

Stop the violence 

All we see is parents sons and daughters in caskets 

Drive by shootings ending up with a Bullet on the block 

Babies surrendering watching their parents get shot 

But end up being murdered on the block 


Put the guns down your fist ?? 

Step in the street put down the knifes 

No bullets even though they do exist 

Use the boxing gloves to avoid a murdered 

Seeing you one on one is basically a match 

Keep the peace and love and happiness

Let’s just end the VIOLENCE