Satan’s touch

Captured and corrupted by earths lucifer himself 

Whenever I was with him 

It was like a chocolate covered sin 

My slow beating heart sped up itself 


I could feel it beat hard in my chest

I could feel deep inside he wasn’t good

But I was drawn to him because he wasn’t like the rest


He captivated me in ways I felt alive

I quickly got addicted to the thrill and the thrive


He was a beautiful storm and like

A wild horse I couldn’t tame

Somewhere inside I knew from that moment on that my life wasn’t going to be the same


He stole my heart even when I resisted 

He had full control 

I was a brat that tried to deny him

But his domination insisted 


and then he took charge of my soul

I knew he would ruin me

But I was in too deep

Too lost in him to try to pull away

But I wouldn’t admit defeat

It turned into a game of power

In time he turned my tears into showers


The classic rose with thorns 

But each petal diminished

Leaving me with sharp remains

The once charming beauty all vanished

Just left with scars and some poison left in my veins

Now my soul is trapped in chains

All because i fell in love

With a dark angel who fell from up above