Izzi Lynn


i. hello, my name is izzi and i\'ve got a couple questions. mr. devil, do you really coil around our shoulders and whisper venom-sharp words into our ears as you guide us into darkness? do you? my aunt makes it sound like you have a glossy red apple always at the ready, already bitten into by all the other sinners. is it true? do you really slip down our throats like bitter gin and soak into our little hearts like something dangers? lucifer, do you really? or do you wait for us to doom ourselves? 

ii. lucifer, i have another question for you. are we flawed beings on our own, or do we require your counsel to bring forth the darkness inside us? lucifer, i\'m sorry to bother you, but i am full of curiosity. when Papa died for us, did he save us from you, or from ourselves? lucifer, are you a path or a destination?

iii. am i allowed to be honest here, lucifer? because truthfully, i don\'t think you spend all your time coiled inside my chest like a lion with venom like a cobra and teeth like a great white. because lucifer, i don\'t think you made eve bite into the apple. i think she made that choice herself (and did not regret it). mayhaps you did encourage her, but we are responsible for our actions, are we not? 

iv. the truth is, sir, i\'ve got a lot of questions for you. you see, i was raised a good christian but i\'ve always questioned. (i have far too many questions for my family to be comfortable). i have curiosity like pandora had curiosity and like her, i\'m perfectly willing to open the box. 

v. lucifer, i think we may have done you wrong. lucifer, i think we may have made you the villain when all along, the real villains were ourselves.