The magic mirror haunted me with its revelations

So I ripped it into to a thousand blessed damnations

Now the image is multiplied

Stalking me my own thousand truthful eyes


I cannot bear the vision of the shattered glass

Biggest of the pieces pierces hard and fast

Dagger in my hand

Murderous intentions land


I stab my chest: rip out my emptiness

The shattered mirror drinks up beloved heiress

It shines around for all to see

The victim that it made of me


Lifeless I watch the coroner make his examination

Oh it all began with Daddy was his clichéd declaration

The day he broke her mother\'s nose

Or perhaps the day upon her petrol throwed?


No no, I think there\'s more to see

The time he made her believe in he

Maybe when her mother was too weak to fight?

To keep her daughter in her sight?


What about deceiving lover\'s part

She was so free with love and heart

Happily gave herself away

To anyone prepared to stay


Pleased to give her soul to rape

Accepted it all as her fate

Believed in sanctity of broken souls

Thought in her they could be whole


Believed that maybe they would mend

And in return could be her friend

Or maybe they would set her free

From the wretched soul that became of she


But no! Magic mirror on the wall

Told the story of lady\'s fall

In the end she made a choice

The only way to have a voice


No more a victim at others\' will

She possessed herself

Her blood to spill

So in the end and ever after

Her demise was not the fault of life

She became her own