War of Words

Blades forever resting on the ground

Speakers who can no longer make a sound

Who will take on the mantle of war?

Who will threaten to dare ask for more?


There are two types of war

One drenched in crimson blood, each drop clutching to the source until it breaks away

But there is another.

A war of words, a battle between hearts and minds that shall never cease

As long as there cannot be peace


Sending in our votes like paper planes never to reach their destination

Pawns in a game of money\'s creation

Yes, they\'ve done the unthinkable.

In a game only they can win, while we\'re left with the bad hand

Stripped away our voices, our very identities, in this \'free\' land

Free for who?

Certainly not the bottom 99%, who\'s taxes remain the same

All as the elite decide that they\'re allowed to break the game



Who are the elite?


Those who upon gaining wealth, found not satisfaction but endless corrupted ambition

A parasite of corruption leaking into the swamp of politics

\'Lobbyists\' making \'suggestions\', speaking in green

Constantly watching the profit margins, wondering how much more they can glean


Yet, they are not the only perpetrators of this crime


You are.

Yes, you. 


With a haughty arrogance, we brag about our ideals of freedoms

Fantasizing about our just and holy wars

Then why is it that as soon as those freedoms are taken away, we don\'t feel a need to ask for more?


It is time to pick up our fallen swords

And find our hiding words

For if they are all we have to combat greed.

Certainly, that is all we\'ll need


Kindle those flickering, coughing embers into a fearsome flame

March forward under our battle cries until they remember our name

Refuse to remain apathetic and ignorant, refuse to let things be the same

Remember that no matter how they change the rules

This will always be our game