home is ...where the spirit lives

we hold on to thoughts
      (happy and sad)
to clarify our minds;
we hold on to things
      (good and bad)
to mark our passage through time;
we hoard...

because we\'re afraid
of \'empty\' space
/ we fret /
  our memories will fade
  away without a trace
  and our essence
  will be impossible
               for anyone
  to re/collect...

because of our need
to believe the love we felt
and the decisions that we made
have had a positive
       and everlasting effect
on the world which,
one day,
we may have to leave

we lack faith
that God / Nature / the Cosmos
is aware
of everything
we think and do,
not just because it cares
but because it\'s needy too...

/ because it lives within
                       and without
  our earthly selves
  and knows all there is to know
                           about fear
                              and feeling blue /

  we really ought to relax
  and love it back ~
  we need to unwind.