Believers, Stand Up

Stand up believers.

Stand up for the gospel of Christ.

It is not time that we stand up.

Because it has always,

been time to stand up.

Do not be ashamed of the gospel.

A questian that has plagued,

mankind for years is,

\'Why is there so much sin in the world?

How can we make,

the world a better place\'?

Yet, the answer has always,

been in front of you.

We must read the gospel,

and find that there is no better way,

than to turn to Christ Jesus.

God is not the cause of sin.

Man chooses to sin,

and calls it normal,

and if a sin is against the law,

then man goes out of their way,

to have that law changed.

Still, we wonder why,

there is so much hatred in the world.

We wonder why the world,

is in so much peril.

I speak most on behalf,

of my own country,

only because I grew up here.

Yet, no one wants to take,

responsibility for their actions.

So they need someone to blame.

We need to turn to Christ,

and know that he,

is the only answer.

Personally, I must say,

that I see it as a shame,

and think it to be sad,

that if one does not agree,

with the same beliefs as another,

they actually have a reason to sue.

I think it is sad,

that one actually thinks that way.

We look at our generations,

and think that,

because the ones before us were believers,

we are automatically Christians.

It is sad because people think,

that they should not have to answer to authority.

Oh foolish people.

Who has tricked you?

Do you not know,

that in some way,

you are answering to authority.

Everyone has a boss.

I weep for the meek and the humble.

They must live in a world full of hatred.

I see all the major cities in this country,

with so many different people,

and with so many different backrounds,

and yet, not one of them,

are the melting pot that they once were.

People are afraid to speak,

to others outside of their race.

Yet, we critisize other countries,

and what they are doing.

We need to take a day to reflect.

We must reevaluate our own lives.

We need to know,

that the only way to find peace,

is not through guns, drugs,

protests, threats,

peace papers, or \'spiritual enlightenment\'.

Rather it is in Christ Jesus.

Sadly I must say,

that it seems as though this world,

has fewer and fewer people,

who are willing to receive Christ, our Savior.

It is not just about faith.

It is not just about beliving.

Rather, it is about having faith in Christ Jesus