Izzi Lynn

Mr. President

Mr. President, 
I\'m putting aside all my personal opinions
and bringing out only my professional pleads, 
I\'m here on my knees. 
Mr. President, 
won\'t you lend me an ear?
Mr. President,
I\'d like to make this all clear. 

You have a duty to the American peoples, 
and right now, you are not listening to our ideals. 
You have a duty to the men and women at your feet, 
we are the hundreds, the thousands, the millions marching in the streets. 
You have a duty to listen to us just as much as you listen to your billionaire friends. 
This is the end of the line, this is how it ends. 

If I held a gun to your head, 
would you believe me when I said
I would shoot you dead? 

But, I am putting aside my dislike for you as a person
and trying to be professional so that this doesn\'t worsen. 
Mr. President, 
I don\'t like you at all.
But I\'m willing to give you a call. 

You represent this country and thus,
you have a duty to its men and women. 
You swore an oath when you were brought in to office
and it\'s high time you honored it. 

You are at the helm of our nation, 
you are the head of this civilization,
so let me give you some information. 
Mr. President, we are the foundation
of this generation and we are firmly of the belief
that you have an obligation
to open your ears and work towards reconciliation
with the situation in relation to all our indignation. 
We are the people you are ignoring in your administration, 
you have a duty to show us consideration as well. 
Mr. President, we are people too, 
Mr. President, we live in this location too. 
Mr. President, from the very foundation of this wonderful nation, 
we have had the right to express our opinions in conversation
(you have no right to police our words). 
Let me explain, 
Mr. President, much of our frustration comes from your obfuscation of the truth,
in your deviation from what is best for this nation, 
in your lack of qualification (Mr. President, it shows). 

Mr. President, 
I\'m most eloquent when I\'m indignant and boy am I indignant. 
You won\'t listen, this country needs a president 
who listens to his people, 
but you, you won\'t listen to anyone but your sheeple. 
Well, Mr. President, we are not all sheeple
so holster your excuses, holster your defenses, 
I\'m not here to listen to your feedback, I\'m not here for your comeback, 
I\'m here on the attack. 
Yes, yes, I\'m here for the attack. 

Being polite, being nice, being contrite
has not gotten anything done so far, 
so here I am, 
forthright and I might be slight in stature
but I\'ve got bite and I\'m biting
I am here to incite a goddamn revolution
yes I\'ve got bite, I\'ve got bite like a tiger\'s got fight, 
like a fire ready to ignite 
(and you\'re the kindling I\'m using to turn bright). 

I\'m honing my skill on your knife edge sanity
and I\'m ready to go in for the kill. 
I\'m trying to make it clear as I can
that I\'d rather see you kick the can
but I\'ve got pride in this country and I am willing
to put aside my dislike
to recognize you as my president
and therefore ask you for some personal improvement. 
You have a duty to this country
and I\'d like to see you fulfill it. 

In the end of this poem, 
Mr. President, 
all I\'m really asking is that you listen.