a meal for me but a crumb to you

I have something to say and this poem will do, 

rhyming but rough, please see this poem through, 

crying and rough, my intentions are true. 


I\'ve like-liked you for a while, 

and if it sounds juvenile 

it\'s \'cos that\'s what you do to me

so please don\'t leave, 

do me a solid and retrieve

a little bit of humanity, and believe...

that it can work, that we can work, that this could work.

will this (f**king poem) work?


I don\'t know, and neither do you

and I won\'t know, and neither will you

unless I try and will you

to go on a quest and find that rusty, scarred chest

in your chest under your trendy, TOPMAN vest,

unlock it and...

just see

pretty please

just for me

if there\'s anything left.

Just enough to break nicely in two,

a meal for me but a crumb to you.