The Greatest Revival

Brothers and Sisters in Christ -

I am writing to you,

to let you know,

that we need a revival.

This world needs a revival.

For so long,

we idly sit back,

and listen to society blaspheme Christ,

without saying a word.

We use excuses because of fear,

by saying, \'we must turn the other cheek\',

and, \'we must love our enemies\',

but perfect love,

casts out all fear.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

the world is always growing.

The population is always rising,

and it is for that reason,

why we should have,

the greatest revival ever -

bigger than the Great Awaking,

in the 1700s,

bigger than the one in the 1800s,

or in the beginning,

of the twentieth century.

There is no excuse,

why the world should not have heard,

the gospel by now.

Where are the Billy Grahams?

Where are the Smith Wigglesworths?

What happened to the crusades?

I realize that we,

can only do so much,

and I try not to look at others,

before looking at myself.

but as believers,

we are to take part,

in the Great Commission,

presented by Christ Jesus,

our Lord and Savior.

We are to spread the Gospel.

We are to fellowship with eachother.

We are to be ambassadors of Christ.

We need to have,

the greatest awaking -

the greatest revival yet.