The Snowman Graveyard

Christmas lights merrily twinkle; soon to be put away

Melting footprints in the snow; has winter had its day?

Snowmen in every garden, created by glove covered hands

Size and shape slightly different, proudly each one stands


At night they gather round, discussing the events of the day

Something doesn’t feel right; children aren’t coming out to play

Hopes were high, life felt good; their future long and bright

But the weather’s set to change, tonight is their last night!


By morning they all realise their fate has already been sealed

Marching into the forest, their destiny is sadly revealed

Discarded carrots, pieces of coal, a flattened woollen beret

A long way from Christmas, when they were all making merry


Patches of green slowly emerge: peeping through the melted ice

Fun times are finally over; it’s now time to pay the price

Their life span isn’t very long; but packed with winter fun

A long standing tradition handed down from snow-father to son