It Took A While

I don\'t know why,

you are still in love.

I have more scars,

than an old rickety fence.

You loved me when,

I had holes in my shirt,

and didn\'t have,

fifteen cents.

I looked over you,

right passed, and right through.

I saw you as a friend,

but your love only grew.

I hurt you more than once.

I did not love you too.

Now I know

that I love you.

You were there for me,

when my heart was torn.

You took my work,

when I was worn.

You kissed my face,

and gave me hugs.

I guess I saw signs,

but I would not budge.

I didn\'t know,

that you were in love,

but now I know,

that I love you.

When I was not around,

you were the first I\'d see.

when I came back

It was you and me.

You were upset,

when I called you my best friend.

I did not know back then,

what you wanted from me.

You stood up for me,

when others put me down,

but I can say,

I love you now.

Because you rode it out,

all the times I left,

but it all worked out,

in the end.

I finally realized,

before it was to late.

You look into my eyes,

and see we\'re more than friends.

You still love me,

the way you did.

Now we grow together,

with years of love to give.

Now we\'re married,

with overdue love to give.