Dear Suicide

Dear Suicide,

You descended on my life, without no call of prior warning, and now all I\'m consumed by is the grief of mourning.

You extended out your arm and covered him with your cape, and filled his head with lies of some magical great escape.

You masked his priorities until he no longer spared a care, and now the only communication I have with him is through the art of prayer.

You whispered in his ear, and poisoned him with fiction, and illustrated a new world based purely on your depiction.

You held him in your jaws, just like you do with all your trophy kills, you hunted him down and attack when weak, just to give yourself some thrills.

Now I\'m left here, with just memories and photographs as proof, wishing you only had the courage to just tell him the truth.

All the people he\'s left behind, the holes forever in our heart, the tragic aftermath of the day you forced us to part.