I love your ways...

I love your hazel eyes and your seriously cute smile 

I love the way you laugh out loud

Which makes me laugh for quite a while

I love that when you are doing something you always do your hum 

I love that even the mundane things

In life you always seem to make it fun


I love your sense of humour and the random things you do 

Even the cute white lies of \"I\'m listening to u\" when we both know you’re playing Fifa too.

I love the way you love me knowing

All my qualities & flaws 

I love that when I’m feeling sad

You make me smile and more


I love the sound of your voice that comforts me like a blanket 

a place inside that feels like home whenever that I hear it.

I really love our connection that never fades away 

I love that our love continues now from way back in the day