Nicki Jackson

The Virgin


Yes, that\'s me.

I am in fact,

A virgin.

Why do you think

It’s a problem?

I’m proud to be.

I like the wait.

You can try,

Try to get me laid.

It won’t work,

I made up my mind.


Everyday you try.

You tell me,

It will fix me.

Am I broken?

Broken because I’m

A Virgin?

It’s funny

When you cry.

Telling me how much

He hurt you.

How you gave him

Everything you could.

And he still doesn\'t

Love you.

But I’m broken,


Because I’m

The virgin

Maybe you should


Look again.

Because maybe,


The virgin,

Is not

The broken one.

But you are in fact,

The one who is

b r o k e n.

The one in pain.

Look again


This virgin

Is doing just fine.