I watched the rise & fall of your chest
The warmth of your body hummed
Filling the quiet room in a misty heat
I drew closer to the smell so sweet
My eyes went aglow with hunger
The browns turned to volcanic embers
As I crept closer to your glistening skin
Stirring a yearning in me that rested within
I pounced on your naked flesh
& you woke as if you had been waiting
Threading your love-famished body with mine
I was unwrapped woman; a hungry feline
My claws went sharp with desire
Engraving anticipation on your back
Drunk on your honeysuckle lips
While you plunged between my begging hips
Navigating your way to my satisfaction
You stripped yourself of constraint
Every merciless stroke made me yours
I purred excitement in frenzied roars
Multiple typhoons of devotion
Howled between us through the night
Where sated drizzles of pleasure-storms hovered
I was your feline & you my untamed lover