Starbuck Kentipoos Cruz

Could be

My first year
I found I could be
Be someone just not nobody
On top of Land that I didn\'t know which way to go
After a year or more my sense of purpose Became a possibility getting off of that pity pot
Finding that I\'m responsible for everything I\'ve done in the time that I\'ve been surviving
Now when I look at me
All the trials and things I\'ve been through
Realizing 16 years later I still not where I think I should be
But it\'s okay cause I\'m not done yet
When your laid up you have all kinds of time to think of ways to escape getting out of your way
Knowing that it will pass eventually the pain and misery
Being in this world no matter what deep inside only you know how and what has been
All the time goes back and forth starting anew
My first year
I can always remember how new everything seemed to be
It\'s that way at times glad to be able to share it with you