Sen Nomo


My fingers shed crusted blood each rung that slips my grip

I hold the chains of time for one whose name wont pass my lips

He pulls and yanks he screams my shame for all the stars to know

What cursed thought to cross the mind should I think to let go

What manner of man would I become if I should shed this load

Would the stars still shine upon a husk without a soul

Oh do the stars still shine at all

Their light I do not know

Or is my sight just blocked nonstop by red rain as it flows


Another link falls from me, my hands and arms in pain

My palms raw and stained by blood that drips as I strain

The one, that demon, laughs and taunts, he knows how this will end

I fail, again, and all the stars will turn from me and dim

And then the red rain floods the earth until I cannot swim

But death will come for all but me, and then it starts again

The demon shouts, “just one gram left” I shudder at his grin

What trail, what cell, what hideous hell.. this loop without an end


I feel the last link slip my grip and sigh my will away

Though fight I must and fight I do I will not end this day

The gods have all forsaken me but I want not their love

I find no man or beast as low as I do those above

For all the men who work to please it never is enough

I’ve learned this lesson long ago for life one must be tough

So as the stars all turn from me I curse the skies above

And as the red rain floods the earth I swim and search for gloves