What a Cheesy Moon

The night was a shadow


Whose\' shadow?

The moons of course

Gallivanting down this snake of a road

Hypnotized entirely 

Veering left

Veering right 

But what\'s our destination?

The Moon!

Eyes locked like a feline to a lazer

No care in the world for what may lay ahead

We have one mission and one mission only 

Mission to the moon 

Yet it taunts us 

The closer we get the farther it seems 

As if it has us both at the end of a rope and it\'s simply gliding us through the air

It faces us because what could the moon possibly have to be cautious of?

There\'s a permanent distance between us 

We are well aware 

However the cravings are still very much aparent 

For a fifth of a second I turn to my left fearing I am the only one experiencing this madness 

Am I dramaticizing all of it?

Do I belong in a mental ward? 

I must know

Time becomes stil and that fifth of a second stretches into microscopical fragments of time 

I\'m undoubtedly not the only one

Not only are his eyes locked

But they are locked on the moon not the road

His hands firm 

Yet limp 

A mustard almost gold like halo behind him showcases his imperfection lacking profile 

The most beautiful man i\'ve ever seen 

I inhale in awe

And exhale a smile 

The fields behind him are nothing but a blur as we pass them by

Random lights from cones, work trucks 


We drive the curves of mother nature for what seems like hours and seconds at the exact same time

Our bodies sway 

I glimpse back at the moon 

As it emerges from it\'s favorite hiding spot 

We are hypnotized yet again

We continue on this mission of ours as we always will 

Our minds drift 

Lost in the song they call \'yellow\'