The strength of the sun

Gentle hands
Holding a fragile heart
Pick it up
This is how it will start

Take him to your home
Make him your own
It is of you
That he has grown

A warm shine of love
Lighting the darkness below
He will not tell you
But it\'s time to show

Tears of love and joy
Run down the heart\'s cheek
The presence of the sun
Makes it much less weak

Dark ages as the heart
Took its tore 
The sun never at fault
Always joining the war

Break, tore and destroy
The heart is forever blue
But in the warmness of the sun
Its true colors come true

Wounds heal
Time goes by
But never once 
The heart forgot why

You took him in your hands
You fixed him whole
He will forever hold you
Deep in his gloomy soul

This love ought to be
The heart and the sun
Shinning for all to see