Tris Eaton


This world teaches you to live obsessively
But not
Watch out for this
Watch out for that
Watch your back
But don\'t worry I\'ve got yours
But you might get stabbed
Just saying

Now you can\'t be too obsessed
Then you\'re OCD
Or paranoid
You think too much
Feel too much
About little things
That they don\'t think matter
But to you it\'s like a claw
Scratching your insides
Wanting out
Wanting to fix what\'s wrong

Just be obsessed enough
About products
About clothes
About movies and shows
About books
About celebrities
And if you haven\'t heard of someone else\'s obsession
Oh what an outlier you are

You must be with the times
Up to date
Know all of the gossip
What if you don\'t care about that stuff?
What if you obsess in your own way?
Like me

I don\'t obsess all of the time.. I think
Yeah there are my fandoms
They\'re my escape
Then there are certain people I care about
Like my boyfriend
He\'s my rock and best friend
But then there are random things
Like counting my steps
1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234
Then comparing that to cracks in the side walk
12crack34 1crack23crack4 123crack4 123crack4 12crack34
I don\'t know why but at the same time
It\'s calming
And stimulating

I think it\'s kind of a bad habit
Being nit picky about where I walk
How I act
What I do
I do it and then want to do it more
Sounds like one thing I did and keep wanting to do but I won\'t..
Then there is being scared
I obsess over what hides in the shadows
But I love the dark for some reason
I\'m fascinated with other people\'s minds
But I don\'t have the slightest idea how my own works

I have decided something though
It shouldn\'t matter how I think
Yeah it might be a little quirky
But that\'s who I am
I\'ve never wanted to be normal