The Retired Bloke

Not Keen on Decorating

I’m not that keen on decorating

I don’t have the inclination 

Even though our rooms are degenerating 

Cos I’m lacking in motivation


To do anything about it

Until my wife has a quiet  word

To encourage me to commit

Resistance now being quite absurd 


So out I traipse to the shed

Drag out old brushes and rollers

Find the old bed spread

That I use for furniture covers


Bedroom emptied onto the landing

Take one deep breath and begin

The miserable task of sanding

Paper so rough it hurts my skin


Once the dusty mess is made

A bucket full of sugar soap solution

Washing walls, cleaning skills displayed

Probably more like dirt re-distribution 


Finally we’re ready for the paint job

Even opening the tin is a nightmare

Several attempts later, starting to sob

Tin lid finally free, was starting to despair. 


So now armed with roller and paint

I attack the ceiling, walls and skirting

With renewed vigour no restraint

My increased enjoyment a little disconcerting


In no time at all the decorating job is done

Quite painless not too bad after all

I have got to admit I almost had fun

So much so I might have to do the hall.