The Gifted One

The Meek, The Sinner, The Believer

The world is slowly cruising to hell. Sinner’s flip of a coin landing on tails, fire pit one could only tell.

The Meek, paradise they shall seek. The Believer who held on to the promise, even through the pain and grief.

Are the days gone where we feel compassion for one another. In need, we comfort each other, but not to emotional smother.

It doesn’t matter what hue of the mother. We all seem to have divided ourselves, no more coming together.

Is the only way to get relief from our daily strife is to take a last breath. Leaving behind pain, tears, and possession of material wealth.

We must find a way people to respect each other and learn to get along. We’re all on earth, singing the same old tired song. Therefore, how long will treacherous, greed, deceitfulness, and loath continue on.

My God I can attest; I see people in their last stages of life with so many earthly regrets, but not enough time. Wishing their breath will not be taken away in the blink of an eye. Praying they have made amends for an eternal home in the sky.

Whereas, we walk around each day, self-centered in our own world, forgetting the proper words to say, be that it may.

Pray within your mind for self, and then for others, no rhyme, no reason. Never allowing the mind to escape to emotional treason. Be graceful to the world, bow under stress in any season.

If you could only see the slowly decline of a riddled or fragile body living on borrowed father time. Sight of such, is enough to blow the mind Tears will drop from the eyes. Questions of the afterlife always takes one by surprise.

Therefore, make a promise to yourself. Evolve your mind; the body is the vessel the carries us to the throne of death.

Cries in the dark, with the whys. Last rites, preacher has testified. Tears remain behind to cry; tick tock of life continues to fly by.

After the threshold has been crossed, stripped down to the essence of your soul, your life flashes as the Almighty behold.

Make good choices while you’re still breathing, it will carry you through, get your earthly just due. Live, laugh, and love. Your soul will be reborn above.

Down here in the wicked abyss, we can only reminisce, but once those eyes close, sadly, that’s it.

Make love not War

Love and Hugs,

The Gifted One