Twas The Night Before Inspection...,

Not a human creature stirred, nor seen

through out Highland Manor,
property carpeted in lush green
(a deathlike stillness descended un keen
hilly quiet, October 10th,
deux thousand eighteen).

Vicious rumors circulate wrenching
hammering, and drilling psyche
where mailer demons invade,
that immediate hell fire enfilade

natural hair color made
gray follicular shocks amply pervade
instantaneously turning
Janus faced with Machiavellian

mean streak inlaid
(how word some would say)
\"stern\", any previous
housewarming aura
experiencing welcome spiel,

nor iota of politesse present,
but Trumpeting her entourage,
asper self important capering escapade
taskmaster known to abrade

even the most stalwart macho,
gung-ho, brave appear afraid,
thus oft time tis most
advantageous and optimal

prospective mutineers betrayed
Princess Ja***n Ge***r
harridan de jure ushering tirade
akin to a petite mal one
woman banshee masquerade

hoop puts on be preyed
upon switching pretentious airs
dead ringer give
away (immediately

points gnarled finger
sentenced to clinker visage),
non verbal charade
hence unstoppable mounting

anticipatory anxiety manifests
as disabling, impending,
oppressing fate
cannot be delayed

if insubordinate tenants
try with futility to evade
officials with truncheons flayed
doth rarely give surcease

renters passing grade
she, the consummate
de facto grande heiress
of Gr***e & Qu**e

inherited plum deal,
where lifetime employment,
and generously paid
analogous as born

(that way) portrayed
maintaining poker face
into royalty made,
now as single mother

to biracial heir
purportedly inhabits castle
abode with parents,
thus no child

care costs paid
expectant heavy foot
falls getting louder,
(oh...no that jist

my heart pounding
whence approaching raid
so please inform this jade
did troubadour if privy to let
(me and the missus) aid

i.e. a safe and sound
place to call home
with this hole in the poetry wall
I would immediately

make thee a fair trade
in lieu of living, where
mercilessness doth parade
expenses property upkeep,

teaching (two
door ring) English,
or even employed
as a mister minute maid.