What do I know!

Old enough to know
No too young to be reminded
Love is a colourless being
Not too short to see beyond my nose
Neither too tall to miss the little things
Happiness comes from within
Not too dark to miss the brown freckles on my cheek
Neither too brown to see the Colour of my nails
Perfection is not in human nature
Not foolish enough to run around in the snow naked
Neither too smart to enter into the cage of a hungry lion
The only constant thing in life is change
Not heavy enough to enter into the ring with Anthony Joshua
Neither as fast as Usain Bolt
It’s easier to speak the truth than spend a decade defending a lie
Not handsome enough to be a super model
Though my wife and daughter would say different
That one friend that sticks closer than a brother
Is better than a thousand faceless fair weather friends(ffwf)
Not as learned as Wole Soyinka
Neither as Posh as Posh spice
You know you are in lagos when the bus conductor tells you
“I’ll join you together ...no change “