As she lay upon her bed of shame

She adjusts hanging her feet off the edge of society

As toes touched a floor of pride

She dropped her dress of ego

As she approached a mirror of vanity

She wiped away foundation of insecurity

Then she walked to me

The strut of self-importance

Sank into that of a humble being

Then she bowed to me

As if to show me her crown

But her crown had fallen

Just as her compassion did

I taught her

She fasted for months

Removing the impurities of socialism

She purged her mind of narcissistic ideas

And fed on the knowledge of a once fallen queen herself

And it began

Her hair grew coils of generosity

Body glistened with confidence

She spoke with words of power

Her lip formed vowels and consonants of force

Eyes holding a stare of integrity

She looked at me

Two queens looking back at each other

As her hand reached out so did mine

We adjusted our crowns becoming one

Ive come a long way.