Battle Scars

These battle scars,

will never change,

stuck like tar,

I\'m your shooting range.


The stuff you say,

you can\'t let go,

turning my soul gray,

your insults flow.


My heart never changes,

no matter how beat up,

my love exchanges,

never to lock up.


Don\'t look like their fading,

don\'t look like their ever going away,

my love forever aiding,

never to astray.


You still strike,

I still fall,

\"Take a Hike!\",

Fake as a doll.


These battle scars, 

you small oaf,

go all the way to mars,

get back to the couch you fat loaf.


You can\'t harm me,

no matter what you fool,

you don\'t see,

your insults are cruel.


You can\'t break who I am,

You want me to kill myself,


you puny elf.


I try to hold it together,

I came so close,

light as a feather,

I\'m not the one who goes.


Your torment,

Your insolence,

you left a dent,

its immense.


Kill myself,


steady as a shelf,

no more woes.


Have fun being alone,

one day you\'ll learn,

to go back home,

it will burn.


You\'ll find me,


then you\'ll see,

and be at my feet.


I will ask to forgive you,

but you haven\'t learned,

my emotions you threw,

my blood you burned.



I\'m not some toy,

my forgiveness not earned,

oh boy.


Come back when you understand,

these battle scars,

were planned,

and you too shall go far.