Behold, the Goddess within needs your complete silence
The game is chess, not checkers, but still, the shit not rocket science
So I learned how to play the game, the key was to combine the alliance
Then abracadabra, i work my magick, woke up to my sleeping giant
My language, only a few will catch my drift
N all these higher vibrations, this life after my polar shift
The rainbow was my bridge, on the other side lied my gift
Dived deep way into my soul
To claim my pot ah gold
Using ancient teachings, from wisdom of the old
Traveled the underworld so fearless n so bold
Wasn\'t afraid of death, wasn\'t afraid of dying
Now I\'m flying
Woke up to my highest truth, so they ain\'t no more denying
Cuz I AM what I AM, ain\'t no more clarifying or justifying
I\'ll tell you exactly who I AM, so blatant
so there\'s no confusion or mistaken
Identify, I AM God I AM Satan
The righteous, the forsaken
Accepted myself in every form, cuz truly, I AM has awaken
You can Call me God or you can call me Lucifer, both forms, so sophisticated
both will leave ya intoxicated
So drunk off my juices, mental sex with the illuminated
Divine, mind, so let\'s intertwine, if you looking to be stimulated
Oh you curious?! Just Call Osiris, if you really that fascinated
Just be sure when he call you ready, if not, shit can get complicated
With realms you can not see, until properly initiated
First realm that you must journey,
Please Don\'t get intimidated
The underworld where death sits, Are you ready to be incarnated?!