Nature Notes

Tune: England\'s Lane

(\'For the beauty of the earth\')


Here upon a misty dawn

Then a sunny, peaceful morn

Nature stirs, God\'s creation

Large and small of each nation

Grant us grace to honour you

Only God and only true


Meadow pastures, river banks

For your beauties we give thanks

Rest a while to meditate

Your providings not be late

Here your seasons each displayed

With variety arrayed


Gliding upon waters clear

Gracefully birds do appear

Swans and geese and ducks abound

Peace and harmony around

Light of life, in our hearts shine

Lead us in your ways divine


Musings, marvellings, here calm

You do keep all free from harm

Fresh delights in wanderings

Here by rivers, our soul sings

Walking on at even pace

Help us your footsteps to trace


Not deserted, not bereft

You your Spirit have us left

Living in those humble, meek

Who your righteousness do seek

And who seek your kingdom first

And for you do hunger, thirst


\'Til an endless finale

New heavens and earth shall be

Creatures sure shall inhabit

land which with your presence lit

Shall continue evermore

All worship you and adore