One Dark Night.

The road is before me,

Darkness has fallen.

I creep into the shadows,

Hide my twisted mind

As they pass me by,

Not seeing me.

I watch them smile,

That smile will soon be gone

When they hear me,

Hear me creeping behind them!

They turn round!

I am not there!

Back into the shadows I go.

They move on I follow,

I move closer,

They hear me once more,

Turn, and I am there!

But they look through me,

Through me into the darkness,

The darkness of their lives.

The lives they thought were good,

But all they see when they turn

Are the dark memories

That they have tried to hide,

To hide from their selves,

To hide from others,

But they cannot hide from me.

They will see me one day,

But for the moment

It is not their turn.

The darkness will not overwhelm them

Until they see me,

And when they do,

On that darkest of nights,

It will be too late,

As I will be upon them

When they realise

That I, Death, cannot be denied.