This Mortal Life.



Far beyond our conscious thoughts lies

A yawning void so cavernous, so endless.

A mysterious world that exists, 

Snatching loved ones with alarming regularity.

A relentless machine that never sleeps.

For every indignantly drawn first breath of the infant

thrust into life from the safety of his mother’s womb,

Is the last weary gasp of one as he departs this world.

And yet he is enlightened in those final moments.

A fleeting moment of joy, of wholeness, of divine understanding.

Accessible only in one’s final transition from life to death.

Limitations of the conscious mind falling away.

The manacles that bound in life, dissolved.

The pain of passing insignificant.

The rapturous and joyous reunion with energy eternal.

United In shared consciousness and an all knowing.

A oneness that evades us in our mortal life.

Now In glorious abundance in death.