Just because an impetus arose...

Thank dog, and cat,
no pet tee filed - late fee
incurred from this
sole heir, matted son
Avenue of Harris communique
to his youngest sister
busy as a queen bee,
her name mentioned

backwards solely for
wry ming sense – re:
garding Dunning-Harris Shari:
Not there need not
be any clear cut,
nor cloudy total
reason to bolster wee
kind fortitude to write

an email (albeit
with my characteristic
trademark rhyme) to in vite
my own impetus to dash
off a friendly hello
in a gentle
effort to unite
sibling camaraderie,

whether this
material in question
profound or trite
with no pro noun
sub bull adverbial,
or adjectival intent,
and of course nada spite,
this exercise to compose,

whatever occurs within
mum mind quite
likely to concern
general circumstances,
rather than touch upon
any single plight
since, an easily educated guess
can paint (no Norman

Rockwell) framed palette,
(sans dystopian
picture) outright
and despite whatever hardship,
with curtain call on this
November 11th, 2018 night,
a flickr ring, instagram, and
kickstarter motive might

be fulfilling tummy,
that ever so quickly
the dimming light
(when the scythe lint
covered grim reaper)
perhaps attired as
21st century LGBT knight,
the latter once

sip pawn a time...,
now he iz a
messenger simply bear
ring pleasant tidings,
and also an effort
to express, how
ye didst (aunt still do) care
(uncle Andy as well)

for Shana Punim,
who on a do able dare
to be doted upon, and offered
to go here, there,
and everywhere
experiencing a gamut of
eye opening globe trotting
(Watch out Harlem

basketball Boyz to men) hair
reed tailored, and swiftly styled
educational adventures
adding learning and zest
to life, liberty, and purrs
suit of feline doth wrest
good development
of character to in vest

patterning herself after
exemplary guardians
sometimes you might
be feeling beat,
when embarking upon
latest electric kool aid acid test,
nonetheless, this
missive of gratitude,

where thee darling daughter
doth conquer one quest
after another (principally attributed
to thee, who NEVER protest
obligations, but
launch with confidence,

whether feathering
the Gadshill nest,
or...furthering education keeping
body, mind, and spirit
sharpened as best
Yukon Mount attain.