My Hero

I sit here and wonder. How long have you been gone. Then poof an answer pops into my head.
Close we were. A short time we had together but quite lovely it was. Every day every hour, minute, and second I miss you. It\'s been twelve years since you left me, since you left us.
What did I know. I was just a kid thinking you were forever sleeping.
As I grew older I grasped it. I grasped the truth as to what really happened with you.
I love you dearly always will for you hold a special place in my heart.
A hero you were not just to me but to many. Smiles you brought not just to me but to our family. Forever I will miss you. Forever I will love you. Forever you will always be in my heart.
I love you dearly and it hurts that we parted. But forever our bonds shall be bonded for we were close. For I was your Little Mike your Mikie.
I must be going now. I hope to see you one day again. Love you.