Passion Prophecies

Tune: The Green Hill

(\'There is a green hill far away\')

John Chapter 20 parts


John\'s Gospel Series (24)


Jesus, led to be crucified

For us He lived and died

And rose again, the Father\'s will

He did perfectly still


It all according to scripture

Each event passed for sure

Not unknowingly, no surprise

It all with the word [of scripture] ties


They parted His garments between

Them, and His coat was seen

To be one piece, they did not tear

But for clothes lots did share


He thirsted, received vinegar

Though taste of it was sour

Cried, \'It is finished\', all was done

Redemption through the Son


A bone of Him was not broken

He was an offering then

Complete and perfect sacrifice

For us it does suffice


Heart pierced with spear, and so it be

They shall look on Him, see

Look on Him who they pierced, foretold

By prophets of days old


Joseph and Nicodemus there

Did take a part, did share

In preparing His body soon

To lay in garden tomb