(c) 2018 Edward York


She finally let her guard down,

In spite of all her fears.

He had made her feel comfortable,

And wiped away her tears.


She never thought it would happen,

Though she dreamed that it could be.

It was finally what she waited for,

And it filled her heart with glee.


She had learned from experience,

To watch the deed and not what\'s said.

And every new relationship,

Had always filled her heart with dread.


Her heart was full of damage,

But she hid the scarring well.

She had many horror stories,

But none that she would tell.


With him things were different,

He had never made her cry.

It was scary letting someone in,

But she knew she had to try.


She welcomed him with laughter,

And arms that opened wide.

It was the safety that she felt with him,

That made it easy to decide.